UW Facility

Cowboy Turf Wars Indoor Soccer Tournament
December 29-31, 2017

Indoor soccer, the way it's meant to be... on turf!

Hosted by the UW Women's Soccer team at the new Indoor Practice Facility on the campus of the University of Wyoming.

Registration Fees and Information:
Entry Fee (per team):


Open/Close registration dates: October 2-November 15.

This tournament will fill very quickly. To better your chances of a spot for your team in Cowboy Turf Wars, register early.

Info on U15 age group:
U15 is intended to give those older 8th grade students an option to play without having to play in the High School divisions. It is anticipated that these teams will be a mix of U13/14/15 middle school players. Teams with U15 players born before August 1, 2003 may be moved into the HS JV bracket.

Roster closing date: December 20, 2017
Online upload of check in documents will be available, more information to follow.

Games will start the morning of December 29, please be prepared to play games as early as 9 am.

Refund Policy

If a team chooses to cancel their registration, a full refund will be given if it is requested before registration closes, or if a replacement team can be found before tournament scheduling is completed. Teams that are accepted into the tournament and that have not paid in full by the time scheduling begins may be dropped from the tournament and replaced with a waitlisted team that has paid in full.

If the tournament is cancelled by the tournament director due to weather or acts of God, before team check-in begins on Friday of the tournament weekend, teams will receive a 60% refund.

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